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  • A valid boat driving license is required to rent a boat with an engine bigger than 30hp.
  • The person operating the boat must be over 21 years of age.
    The service provider may request the presentation of an official document of identification to certify the age of the operator. 
  • The person designated as the operator of the boat agrees not to allow any of the passengers during the rental period to navigate the boat. 
  • The renter is prohibited to carry other passengers other than those written on the rental agreement.
  • Before renting, you must check boat and outboard engine’s condition.
  • Boat is delivered to the customer full of fuel. Fuel consumption is charged extra and is paid by the customer upon return at the meeting point.
  • Accept all responsibility of Skiathos Boats for any damage to the boat, outboard engines, its contents and equipments caused by the Hirer’s unreasonable behaviour or misuse of the vessel.
  • Deliver the boat at 18:00 the latest (If you are running late you must call us to know the time of your return. If we have no notice for your delay there will be extra charges).
  • Pick up and delivery point is Vromolimnos Beach.
  • Use the boat exclusively for pleasure and note that other activities like fishing or water sports are strictly prohibited.
  • The maximum distance of vessel from the coast should not exceed 1 Nautical Mile.
  • Return the boat in the same state and condition as it was when it was hired.

Booking the Boat 


  • The boat is insured against third parties for personal injuries, property damage and pollution resulting from a collision at sea. 
  • Deposit payment to be agreed upon prior to boat collection and can be paid in cash or credit.
  • The rental fees are paid in full before the boat is delivered to the renter. If the boat is booked for several dates, the total balance will be paid on the first day of rental.  
  • An official document of identification, a boat driving licence (if necessary) and a valid credit card are required on the day of the rental.

SKiathos Boats will:

  • Instruct the Hirer how to navigate, operate and handle the boat, outboard engines and safety equipment onboard the boat.
  • Provide you with life-saving equipment and emergency equipment: personal life jackets, circular lifebuoy, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc., as well as a nautical map of the area.
  • Ensure that the boat and its equipment are in a functional state before the hire and that there is sufficient fuel for the hire.
  • Determine the cruising area according to the weather conditions on the date and time of actual rental. 

general port regulations

Distance From Swimmers

Keep a distance of at least 200 m from where swimmers may be found. If you need to approach an area where there are swimmers, maintain lowest possible speed and be on the alert to avoid collisions or accidents.

Distance From Floaters 

Keeps 100 m distance from the red floaters indicating the position of swimmers and divers.

 Precedence to boats 

Always give precedence to sail boats, rowing boats and generally to all boats approaching from your right.

Pass a boat

When you cross routes with other boats always pass from their rear and never in front of them.

Prohibited areas

It is not allowed entering or approaching Skiathos Port.


Anchoring in swimming designated areas is prohibited.

Do not beach the boat.

Briefing Hours

The briefing is at 09:30 am. If you are late for that time then there may be a delay on what time we can do the briefing again before you take the boat.

Insurance and liability 

  • The boat is insured against third parties for personal injuries, property damage and pollution resulting from a collision at sea. 
  • The service provider bears no responsibility for any loss or damage to the belongings of the client or persons being onboard with their permission during the rental period. 
  • The client is committed to deliver the boat to the receiving state. Any damage caused to the boat by misuse or negligence shall be borne entirely by the client.
  • Prior to delivery of the boat, the service provider may choose to perform a pre authorisation of up to 1.500 euros on the renter’s credit card as guaranty for any loss or damage not covered by the insurance policy and which may occur in boat, motor and/or equipment for reasons attributable to the renter. We would also advise you to have a personal travel insurance.

What if the tour is cancelled?

In very rare cases we have to cancel a rental. Due to strong winds or heavy rain. We will always offer you to take the boat on a different date. If that is not possible, we will refund the booking fee in full.

What if I want to cancel the tour?

For Online Bookings: Up until 30 days prior to the rental date bookings will be fully refunded*. All cancellations made at time less than 30 days prior to the desired date for the rental are non-refundable.

*All refunds will be issued within 30 days, or we can give you a voucher that you can use within 2 years (without paying any difference in the price even if the price has increased).